Barkley Village Family Dentistry

What Our Patients Say

"This staff and doctors at Barkley Village Family Dentistry really do feel like family. They are all so attentive and take the time to discuss your dental concerns as well as chat about your family and kids. The work I had on my teeth (2 crowns and a referral to an oral surgeon for another issue) was stellar and I love my regular cleanings. I've seen both Dr. Jessica Rogers (my primary) and Dr. Kurt Swanson and both are fantastic. I grew up afraid of the dentist and avoided going at all through my 20's. I only went again when I needed a crown fixed a few years ago and am so happy I did and that this is where I ended up going."
- Brandi B.

"Dr. Swanson is the absolute nicest dentist you'll ever meet. He really takes the time to talk with you and answer any questions you might have. He really cares about his patients and I would highly recommend him."
- Elizabeth M.